White (Colorless) Zircon

ZIRCON - Probably one of the most maligned, mis-identified and misunderstood members of the colored stone family.
All was well until that synthetic imposter “Cubic Zirconia” came along and started all the confusion. Zircon is a gorgeous NATURAL gemstone with a light refraction often surpassing the diamond.
We admit, it does look too good to be true, but it really is! It is one of our favorite stones, the fire and brilliance is incredible. Colorless or “white” zircon makes an affordable and REAL alternative to diamonds. And when you wear it and someone asks, “Is it REAL?” you should rightly look offended and say, “OF COURSE ITS REAL!”

NOTE: Stones on this page were photographed under 5000 Kelvin "daylight" lighting.
For maximum color accuracy, descriptions were made in north-facing natural daylight,
indoors, between 11am-2pm, at 32.89°N latitude.

COLOR: Wherever possible, a similar Pantone Color Card number has been used, NOT the Pantone colors online,
which necessarily use RGB approximations, are grayer, and not at all the same.
Since color is so subjective to lighting conditions, and light is in turn subjective to location,
descriptions and pictures are intended to give a general idea of actual color.
To know what these stones really look like, there is no substitute for seeing them in person.

natural white zircon oval
Natural White Zircon Oval Modified Cut
Weight: 7.10 cts
Measurements: 12.2x9.5 mm
Clarity: VVS
Origin: Sri Lanka
Enhancements: H
Price: $ 500.00 SOLD
Order/Stock No.: zircon_white_604
Description: Huge zircon oval! Extremely bright and flashy. Clean and gorgeous.
white zircon diamond cut pair
Natural Zircon Round Brilliant Cut Pair
Weight: 3.44 cts total
Measurements: 6.5 mm
Clarity: VVS
Origin: Sri Lanka
Enhancements: H
Price: $ 170.00 SOLD
Order/Stock No.: zircon_white_603
Description: Beautiful matched pair of zircons. Would make great studs. Look like top quality diamonds for a fraction of the price. Diameter equal to 1 carat diamonds.

natural diamond-like zircon
Natural White Zircon Round Brilliant Cut
Weight: 5.00 cts
Measurements: 10 mm
Clarity: VVS
Origin: Africa
Enhancements: H
Price: $ 500.00 SOLD
Order/Stock No.: zircon_white_602
Description: Enormous white zircon, clean and gorgeous. Brilliant cut like a diamond.
(Cut by Andrew Gulij)


The gemstone images presented above are not to scale. Please refer to the measurements for exact dimensions. Our goal is to show our gems as close to reality as possible but due to factors beyond our control, like computer monitor differences, actual colors may vary from what you see. We assure you that our gemstones look best in person. Gemstones pictured and described here are only a sample of our large selection and are in stock and ready for shipment.